Businessdrink = reception

This package deal is very suitable for you birthday party or wedding party or a wedding anniversary.

You can start in the afternoon or at evening – from 40 to 180 people. Will you have less people in your party, we are willing to make a custom sized offer.

Girl with the red hat

Your guests will be welcomed with coffee or tea and a petit-four pastry or a welcome-cocktail.
On the tables there will be bowls with olives, nuts and salty snacks.

Dutch distillery drinks-package; Beer from the barrel; wine red – white – rose; soda; lemonade; juices; port; sherry; gin.

Servings of luxurious cold snacks f.e.; filled eggs; mini toasts with Ox-spread, Brie with walnut, pate; wraps with chicken filet and wraps with salmon.

Servings of luxurious warm snacks f.e.; bitter-balls; spicy meat-balls; chicken nuggets; cheese snacks and Indonesian snacks.

1 Serving of luxurious warm snacks f.e.; mini pizza; mini sausage roll or chicken stick with peppers & onions

The above mentioned servings in a time slot of 2,5 hour € 21,50 p.p.

More possibilities

Your Baby-shower or a Baby apéritif hour can also be organizes.
For this occasion we will dress up to room in pink or blue.
For the welcome you can choose from coffee or tea and a petit-four pastry in pink or blue or a pink or blue welcome-cocktail.

Kids from 4-12 year old

For kids in the age of 4 to 12 years we have a separate package deal containing; Fristi milk drink, cold cholate milk drink; apple juice and lemonade accompanied by a little bag of sweets; crisps and an ice cream.

For € 10,50 p.p.

These packages are also available for a time slot of 3 hours at additional cost of

€ 3,00 p.p.

Do you want to organise a businessdrink or a kids event and do you need a location for that.