Johannes Vermeer

Our hotel has been named after Johannes Vermeer, next to Rembrandt the most famous artist in the Golden Age. Vermeer was born in Delft and lived from 1632 to 1675. Probably Vermeer produced 45 paintings of which 34 still remain. He often painted people, busy with daily routines, like reading and composing, situated in home- and sunlighted sceneries.
In the centre of Delft you can visit the Vermeer Centre at Voldersgracht 21. This museum chronologically shows reproductions of all Johannes Vermeer paintings.
The Mauritshuis in The Hague is home of three Vermeer paintings, including the famous works ‘View of Delft’ (1661) and the lovely and somewhat mysterious ‘Girl with a Pearl Earring’ , painted in 1665.

Sigarenfabriek Swarttouw

After the cigar factory closed, the building was transformed into a restaurant: The Street by Vermeer.

Restaurant Het Straatje van Vermeer

Above the restaurant you can split the floors in student rooms. Eventually they made ​​room in the year 2000 by the student rooms, and Molslaan 18 and 20 at the property taken for the brasserie at Hotel Vermeer. Thanks to the beautiful history of our hotel we called ‘t Street by Vermeer given the brasserie.